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Roadworthy tests applauded, or not

ROAD users started out applauding the new strict roadworthy tests aimed at taking dangerous vehicles off Efate’s roads.

Owner/drivers praised the efficiency of the Public Works Department staff and the increased test to ensure vehicles were insured and were carrying essential safety items such as spare wheels and jacks.

“It is a big improvement on previous years and now it is a real safety test,’’ one driver told The Independent.

But then the whole exercise then descended into pure farce during the week.

Drivers were complaining of being failed for having cracked number plates.

Then an owner/driver contacted The Independent to explain how his vehicle had been failed because it did not have enough water in the windscreen washer reservoir.

“This is not even required to have in the Act,” he said.

“It is good to see them raise the standard, but they should enforce the law, not create it and they should concentrate on the important safety matters.”.

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