Rebuilding of Bauerfield runway - a logistical nightmare

THE supply and movement of vital aggregate to construct a new Vila airport runway is a logistical nightmare that has not been given adequate attention, said engineers.

Aggregate, which is basically crushed rock, is the main base material needed for the new Bauerfield runway and getting sufficient quantities on site is likely to take several months, the Independent has been told by experts.

Engineers in Australia, New Zealand and Vanuatu have told an Independent Investigation that the tenders for the new international runway ranged from as low as an aggregate total of 70,000 tonnes to a more popular figure of around 120,000 tonnes required for the new runway base.

Business leaders have welcomed the announcement of the Chinese construction company CCECC as the preferred tenderer for the USD$47 million operation.

“It is a positive and major step forward, although it should have happened late last year except for the World Bank continually changing the rules, but at this stage we welcome it,” said one major business leader.

“But we still have to have a contract drawn up by the World Bank and then signed and thus far they have not shown any haste in the proceedings at the airport.’’

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