Lawyer fears client must be dead

CONVICTED paedophile David Pattinson, who has been missing for three weeks, may have been murdered, says his concerned lawyer.

Kayleen Tavoa said that if her client failed to show up in the next few weeks then it will strengthen her belief that he has been murdered.

David Pattinson, who was found guilty and had his sentence suspended for an act of indecency with young person, left his rental car at Teouma in a subdivision and went for a walk.

Mrs Tavoa said that Pattinson never came back from that walk and some natives from Paama returned the rental car the next morning to the authorities.

She is questioning that those who were involved in the return of the car to the owners did not call the police to the scene.

She said that it is not clear whether or not Pattinson had left the car keys inside the car before going for his walk.

She said that those who became involved in the matter should be investigated over the disappearance of the British man.

She said that she sought police help and they searched the whole area where Pattinson have to gone for his walk but there was no trace of him and no clues of his whereabouts.’’

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