Still standing - 200 days to go

CANADIAN Clint Flood could not have envisaged experiencing as many ups and down as a steeple chaser when he accepted the role of CEO for VAN2017.

With 200 days to go before the start of the Pacific Mini Games on December 4, Van2017 and its CEO have risen from the mat after a series of low blows from a handful of detractors who had managed to get his visa and working credentials questioned, ethics and even his commitment to the project queried.

The visa situation reached such a ridiculous stage that with just over 240 days to go before the start of the Games, the Board asked him to work outside of the of office for a week in order to comply with orders from Immigration not to work in the office, but to ensure that the planning of the Games still was taking place.

“Every day counts,” said Flood, “and even a few days out of the of office affects our progress.”

Orders were issued from a government office: to return assets, to seize vehicles and he was threatened with arrest, and advised that possible physical violence from some of the detractors might occur.

While a few shots landed, the affable, but highly professional sports event organiser, parried everything that has come his way and his small but nasty so called enemies could not land a knock-out blow..

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