Patients sent home

SICK patients have been sent home from the Northern Provincial Hospital (NPH) in Luganville because staff are on strike due to receiving no payment for weeks. 

Speaking to the Independent this week, Dr Basil Leodoro, the Acting Medical Superintendent of NCH, said there have been rumours that the doctors and nurses had been on a strike earlier this week but it was not really a strike.

“We are still running the hospital with the remaining staff; it only involves the contract workers whom the Public Service Commission (PSC) has not given their salaries,” he said.

“It is not known how many patients have been sent home, but it involves four hospital departments.

Dr Leodoro said the contract workers have been without pay for quite a long time.

“So they decided to leave because they have families and children to look after, especially school fees when going back to school,” he said.

“There is a total of 24 contractor staff whom the PSC has delayed to approve their contracts.

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