Torba’s reasons to go organic

TORBA Province is often the ‘last and least province’ but it is really taking action for the better and healthier people of tomorrow, says its leader.

Speaking to the Independent this week, Father Luc Dini, Chairman of the Torba Tourism Council (CTTC), also former state secretary and one of the first Ministers for the New Hebrides, said the world today is turning into a place where we go for fast foods but that food is not healthy at all.

“Torba province is located in the northern part of Vanuatu where its always an isolated place and we are thankful for that,” he said.

“I want to thank the past two condominium governments (British and French) and also the Vanuatu government for the slow development of Torba,” he said.

“The Torba people have seen the mistakes and lessons from other provinces which are more developed and that is why we are taking this decision.

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