Lawyer fears client must be dead

CONVICTED paedophile David Pattinson, who has been missing for three weeks, may have been murdered, says his concerned lawyer.

Kayleen Tavoa said that if her client failed to show up in the next few weeks then it will strengthen her belief that he has been murdered.

David Pattinson, who was found guilty and had his sentence suspended for an act of indecency with young person, left his rental car at Teouma in a subdivision and went for a walk.

Mrs Tavoa said that Pattinson never came back from that walk and some natives from Paama returned the rental car the next morning to the authorities.

She is questioning that those who were involved in the return of the car to the owners did not call the police to the scene.

She said that it is not clear whether or not Pattinson had left the car keys inside the car before going for his walk.

She said that those who became involved in the matter should be investigated over the disappearance of the British man.

She said that she sought police help and they searched the whole area where Pattinson have to gone for his walk but there was no trace of him and no clues of his whereabouts.’’

Mrs Tavoa said that Pattison’s partner was from Paama and she had all his bank cards when he was temporarily remanded.

An Independent investigation revealed that then Pattinson had more than VT1.3 million in his account and when he came out from prison, there were only VT3000 left in his account.

Pattinson is a flight risk after he already escaped the country, leaving his continued trial pending, and later anonymously re-entered the country without being spotted at the airport.

After a few days he was apprehended by police and was sent to prison awaiting trial.

But after he went missing, the police searched his house and found his passport, and other travel documents.

Police said that Pattinson is still at large but there is no information whether or not he is still alive but said that the British man could not live in the woods for that long.

They said they had sent messages to people around Teouma, Rentapao and Blue Water to report any sign of any expat.

Meanwhile in court, the prosecution succeeded with its appeal and now will seek to have the British national David Pattinson arrested and sent to prison for two years if he is found.

The prosecution appealed Pattinson’s sentence claiming the presiding judge in his case was too lenient for handing him a suspended sentence for 12 months after a  nal sentence of two years.

Pattinson was found guilty of a count of act of indecency with a young person contrary to section 98 (A) of the Penal Code Act CAO 135.

The Appeal Court quashed the decision of the judge suspending the sentence and issued another order activating the suspended sentence.

But Pattinson went missing a week before the Appeal Court.

Police said that it is too early to claim a foul play was involved in his disappearance.

The Appeal Court said that the prosecution underlined in the appeal that the judge clearly stated that the victim was sexually abused by Pattinson but in his final sentence, he failed to punish the British man.

They said that the judge adopted a starting point of two years and further indicated that factors aggravating the offence, including age difference, would merit an uplift of one year.

They said after taking into account all the facts of the offending, the judge reached an actual starting point of three years imprisonment.

They said that this was entirely in line with the submission of the prosecutor and the judge clearly felt the offending was a serious as submitted by the prosecution.

“It is perhaps unfortunate the specific facts relied on in the sentencing were not set out but the judge did accept the prosecution submission the offence was serious enough to warrant a sentence of three years,” the Appeal Court said.

They said that after considering the mitigation factors, the judge made a reduction of one year, leaving two years - exactly the same sentence proposed by the prosecution.

They said that the judge continued by saying that in the circumstances particular to the case a sentence of two years suspended for a period 12 months would be imposed.

They said that this case involved Pattinson touching the victim’s private areas and the judge accepted the victim was telling the truth when he gave his evidence.

They said that the evidence clearly showed that Pattinson encouraged the victim to touch him in return.

“The respondent’s behaviour puts this offence into the serious bracket and suspension of the sentence is not appropriate,” they said.

“The appeal is allowed and a warrant of arrest will now be issued for the arrest of David Pattinson and for his detention for a period of two years effective from the date of his arrest.”


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