Vanuatu Headline News 160723

Con woman strikes again

A MASTER con woman from Tanna is now on the run after she took more than VT3.8 million off people, claiming she would send them to New Caledonia for work.
Police said that Sera Nauka had taken more than VT38,000 per person from more than 100 men and women in Port Vila in a two-year crime spree.
They said Nauka had lied to numerous victims again about fictitious jobs in New Caledonia after the first occasion two years ago, forcing the victims to call for refunds.
Police confirmed she made a promise to refund the money but she never did. But now other victims are after her to have their money refunded..

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Vanuatu Headline News 160716

Five years for ex-wife rapist on trial

A MALEKULA man will serve five years behind bars for raping his wife who he had formally married and had five children with her. Willie Seveno Tali is now living in a de-facto relationship with another woman and they have a two months old baby girl.

While handing down the sentence Justice Dudley Aru said that the court also noted that Tali was serving a 10 months’ imprisonment sentence imposed on an unrelated issue and it will be lapsed on September 27, 2016 and the active five years will be served starting from September 28, 2016.

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Vanuatu Headline News 160709

Appointment of new COMPOL delayed again

THE appointment of Vanuatu's new Commissioner of Police (COMPOL) is again delayed this week, due mainly to the process into the appointment following the three short listed candidates within the Vanuatu Police Force (VPF).

The Independent found in its investigations that the Police Service Commission in its meeting during the week that the five members were divided in the vote with only three members have voting for Mr Robson lavro and two abstaining. The other two short-listed are Albert Nalpini and a female officer Clera Seth. The Independent also found that it is the first time that members of this commission have done their election through secret ballot.

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Vanuatu Headline News 160702

Man jailed for killing nine-month-old girl

A MAN has been jailed for four years for killing a nine-month-old child and the sentence was backdated to start on September 25, 2015.

Poida Nase, 20, pleaded guilty at the first available opportunity admitting one count of intentional homicide on Alia Shem contrary to section 106 (1) (a) of the Penal Code Act CAP 135.

Justice Dudley Aru turned down the intention of Nase and his family to have a child swapping ceremony, claiming that the practice must be discouraged as it ignored the rights of children that are protected by the UN convention of the rights of a child, which Vanuatu has ratified.

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Vanuatu Headline News 160625

Another scam on ANZ customers

AT least three ANZ customers have had cash stolen from their accounts by another scam after their bank cards were stolen.

AT least three ANZ customers have had cash stolen from their accounts by another scam after their bank cards were stolen.

A female customer who did not want her name published said a thief or thieves broke into her house during the night and took an eclectic range of items.

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Vanuatu Headline News 160618

Man sent to prison six years for incest

A FATHER has been jailed for six years and two months for raping his biological daughter twice in Epi.

The father was reported as having a child with his daughter but the matter was never reported to the police.

Justice Daniel Fatiaki said that the man, 46, who could not be named, had offended against his daughter twice between January/February and July 2014.

After a week of trial, Prosecutor Damien Boe Boe proved all elements surrounding the claims beyond reasonable doubt and secured a conviction on both counts of incest contrary to section 95 of the Penal Code Act CAP 135.

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Vanuatu Headline News 160611

One man crime wave

A ‘ONE-MAN crime wave’ has been charged with the recent spate of break-ins in Port Vila, including some senior government offices.

Joshua Mansi Matahu admitted seven counts of unlawfully entering dwelling houses contrary to section 143(1) of the Penal Code Act CAP 135.

He also admitted seven counts of theft contrary to section 125(a) and also confessed to five counts of malicious damage to property contrary to section 133 both of the Penal Code.

The prosecutor Lenry Young entered a ‘Nolle Prosequi’ to seven counts of criminal trespass against section 144(a) of the Act. ‘Nolle Prosequi’ simply means that the prosecution struck out the charges against Matahu.
He was initially charged with 26 counts but the prosecution wiped out seven counts in a negotiation with the defence, leaving 19 counts to which he admitted this week.

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Vanuatu Headline News 160604

ANZ Vanuatu customers lose millions in bank scam

AT least four ANZ customers in Vanuatu have been scammed out of 2.5 million vatu in an elaborate sting involving an international conman.

One of the victims, pilot Matt Erceg, said he had US$9000 removed from his account in one day. He has tracked down three other victims and believes there are more but the ANK bank denies that.

“One other victim lost VT800,000 in 10 transfers, another lost VT600,000 and the third had VT320,000 transferred into another account that then disappeared,” he said.  “Mine went in three transfers of US$3000 each on February 4 and I didn’t find out about it until 4.30pm that day, so I couldn’t ring the bank until the next morning.  “They just told me to protect my password and report it to police and I told them I simply wanted my money back. 

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